Wildlife and landscape photographer

Année : 2018


Oryx sous les nuages

This month I have chosen to honor this large print located above the small living room in the second room of the gallery. “Oryx Under the Clouds” I really like this image which reflects calm and serenity. Paradoxically, it was not taken calmly since the car was driving at the time of the shot, I […]


The next exhibition is in preparation! The walls of the gallery will soon change decoration. Between now and the end of October, I invite you to come and spend a few moments in Terre d’Images in order to discover recent images or certain images from my photo library. I will therefore propose 3 themes: Black […]

La chambre de Kolmanskop

The ghost town of Kolmanskop is an incomparable playground for photographers. Imagine an old mining town abandoned at the beginning of the 1900s and in which the Namib desert has gradually regained its rights by invading the dwellings. The animals sleep there at night, the dunes reform there and there is a really special atmosphere. […]

Autour de chez moi

“Excuse me, is this a photo or a painting?” Here is a question that has come up often in recent days. We must admit that it is sometimes difficult to find the difference. The choice of paper is essential for impeccable color rendering and a slight grain that enhances the photo. A real art print… […]

Namibie for ever

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