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Oryx under the clouds

Oryx sous les nuages

The picture of the month

This month I have chosen to honor this large print located above the small living room in the second room of the gallery.

“Oryx Under the Clouds”
I really like this image which reflects calm and serenity. Paradoxically, it was not taken calmly since the car was driving at the time of the shot, I only had time to take a shot since the Oryx left when we stopped the 4×4. The intense colors of the sky contrast well with the yellow-oranges of the sand and the purples of the mountains. The quiet grazing Oryx (at the moment of the trigger) gives scale to this vast landscape.

I chose to edit it in large format 120cm x 80cm and to mount it in an American beech box, which adds to the softness of the photo. Its price: 327 €.

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