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A photo, as beautiful as it is, always takes on more value when accompanied by a comment. Behind every image is a story. Sit back and follow me in my adventures, from Africa to Costa Rica, from French Guyana to Alaska, from the Pyrenees to Corsica ... Let me take you somewhere !
To liven up an evening, to please your customers, for schollchildren or even the general public, in each situation its formula ... and its destination !

In the search of bear
One year for one picture !
Photo et VidéoPhoto et Vidéo

On the occasion of the exhibition «OURS, entre Mythes et Réalités» at the Toulouse Museum in 2013, I decided to return to the mountains of my childhood to realize one of my «childhood dreams», to go in search of the brown Bear.

All through 2013, I walked the trails trying to live THE encounter with the iconic animal.

In partnership with the ONCFS Bear technical team, “In search of the Bear” will introduce you to the Brown Bears present in the Pyrenees, their habitats, their food, the animals they meet there … the second part will present the work of the ONCFS Bear Monitoring Team and the techniques used to study the plantigrade population.

The gem of austral Africa
Photo et VidéoPhoto et Vidéo

Land of contrasts par excellence, Namibia fascinates. Everything is beautiful in Namibia, from the rocky landscapes of the northern part to the orange dunes of the Namib desert, ... The places are mythical and the ambiances incredible.

The conference presents wildlife (Elephants, Rhinoceros, Lions, Zebras, Koudous) and the country’s must-see sites.

The wilderness of Etosha Park, the Spitzkoppe Massif, the arid plains of Damaraland where the last free and wild Rhinoceros of Africa live, the Atlantic coast and its dunes flowing into the ocean, the unavoidable Sesriem in the Namib desert where the dead acacias of the Deadvlei have been standing for hundreds of years in front of the dunes ... and many other things !

Costa Rica
5% of global biodiversity
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With a quarter of the territory classified as national parks or nature reserves and the ambition to protect ever larger spaces Costa Rica is a jewel of Nature and Biodiversity. It is estimated that 5% of the world’s biodiversity is there.

"Pura Vida !" This is the official slogan of the people and the country. In this territory, everything is done for the tourist and his comfort.

From the peaks of volcanoes to the paradisiacal beaches of the Pacific or the Caribbean, the scenery changes completely and travellers take their eyes full.

The life of the old Lion
Simba is the oldest Lion of the Massai Mara, in the twilight of his life he remembers the details of his existence.
Photo et VidéoPhoto et Vidéo

Entirely realized in the heart of Massaï-Mara, "The life of the old Lion" is the result of three years of reporting. Based on the photographer’s experience, the adventure features the oldest Massaï-Mara Lion ever encountered in 2009.

Simba, 19 years old, is the oldest feline in all of Massai-Mara. In the twilight of his life, he remembers the most important moments of his existence : encounters when he was only a young cub, the discoveries in the heart of his clan’s territory or the learning of life in the company of his mother and aunt, all memories stored in his memory.

As he grows up, Simba will discover the world around him, meet species he never imagined existed and experience incredible scenes.

Alaska, an adventure air-land-sea
Follow the Salmon in their migration and avoid the dangers : Sharks, Orcas, Grizzly Bears ...
Photo et VidéoPhoto et Vidéo

From the wilderness of the far north to the deep waters of the Alaskan fiords, follow me on an extraordinary adventure.

A mixture of animal-nature photographs and videos, this new report will take the public on an extraordinary adventure, salmon migration, in the heart of one of the most surprising American states : Alaska.

Conducted at four different sites for more than 45 days, this report was carried out on land, at sea and in the air in order to follow the salmon journey as closely as possible. Rising from the four corners of the Pacific Ocean to spawn in Alaskan lakes, these fish braved countless dangers : Orcs, Grizzly Bears, Eagles. and some unsuspected, coming from the depths of icy waters like the Salmon Shark.

French Guiana
A strange corner of France
Photo et VidéoPhoto et Vidéo

Discover the most incredible French territory. Kaw Mountain and Swamp, Awala-Yalimapo Beach, "L'ilet-la-mère" Island, Rorota Trail… more surprising than each other.

From the Caymans to the Insects and to the Poison frogs, the rainforest is full of life. The diversity of species, from the most colorful to the most discreet, will leave you speechless.

French Guiana is the largest region in France and Europe, 96% of which is covered by an equatorial forest that remains among the richest and least ecologically fragmented in the world.

Wild Tanzania
From Tarangire to Serengeti

Come and discover this majestic Africa where you will still live unique and unforgettable experiences : wildcats attracted by the great migration of hundreds of thousands of herbivores in the Serengeti, breathtaking landscapes of the Ngorongoro crater ...

We begin first with the Tarangira Park where Elephants, Zebras, Giraffes ... meet in the middle of the Baobabs ! Raise your head a Leopard sleeps on a huge branch, and there, a group of Lions on the edge of a water hole.

After walking through these beautiful landscapes we leave for the crater Ngorongoro. Finally, we end our adventure in the Serengeti Park, which is the emblem of wildlife parks, also a UNESCO World Heritage site. Serengeti comes from the word "siringet" which means "endless plain". But you’ll have no problem observing one of the 2500 Lions in this park that offers the world’s largest concentration of predators.

On the slopes of Kilimanjaro
Assaut of Africa's roof

Lace your shoes for a most mythical ascent!

6 days walk to reach the summit of Mount Kibo on the volcanic massif of the African giant. A high point at an altitude of 5895m, at a temperature of -20°C, with a slight side wind … great thrill guaranteed !

The Machame way is one of the five routes up to the top of Mount Kibo, it is not the busiest because it is a little more difficult, but allows the walkers a better acclimatization. From the rainforest to the volcanic plateaus of the massif, you will discover the richness and diversity of this emblematic volcano, populated by endemic species such as the Impatiens kilimandjari, small colourful flower growing only at this precise spot.

Kenya, Colors of Africa
Between the immense plains of the Massaï mara and the banks of Lake Baringo, live to the rhythm of the Kenya's colors.
Photo et VidéoPhoto et Vidéo

Kenya, its thousand colours and nuances, its extraordinary fauna, its mythical lights.

I invite you to follow me to live a year at the rhythm of these wild territories between the Massaï mara and the mythical Baringo Lake.

Punctuated by the seasons and the Wildbeest great migration, you will discover hunting scenes in the middle of the savanna, you will make unusual encounters in the volcanic cliffs of Lake Baringo and will be close to the emblematic animals, all bathed in beautiful light. The work of colours, atmospheres, new inspirations are the basis of this conference.

Climb Mont-Blanc
The assult of the roof of Europe

Experience the rise of Western Europe’s roof as if you were there.

A little warm-up in the White Valley to get used to the mountain difference and the alpine landscapes and then it’s gone!

Realized in two days, this report will take you first to the refuge of Tête rousse where you will spend the night then at about 1:30 am you will start the final climb towards the summit. A perfect weather, breathtaking landscapes, in short, a mountain experience that will leave you speechless !

Lights and contrasts

Great pastures, solitary burons, boraldes, lakes, waterfalls, forests and golden bogs, this is the authentic Aubrac, a land of silence and mystery that fascinates all travellers who love nature and images.

Set off for a weekend on the wildest and most authentic plateau in Europe to admire the colors of spring flora on the vastness of the plateau with peatlands adorned with green, yellow and white.

You will witness a real explosion of nature, with a changing light that at any moment sculpts curves and rocks, for a unique atmosphere. You will discover an exceptional flora, one of the richest in Europe, with more than a thousand species.

Aubrac is also famous for its cultural heritage, with its unique churches and its gastronomic heritage, with the famous Aligot !