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Photo Workshop

From initiation to development, I put my skills atyour service to allow you to fully live your passion for photography. Half day, full day or personalized workshop, do not hesitate to contact me?

Photo courses
One-day workshop
Theory lesson to learn how to make photography

A photo lesson to know how to use your camera in manual mode, understand its functionalities, juggle between different shooting modes, all elements necessary to free yourself from automatic mode and to enjoy.

You attend a theoretical course during which you discuss the basics of photography, from framing/composition to the exposure triangle, the Manual and Semi-automatic modes of your device, the different modes of light measurement, tips and tricks, etc ...

A complete lesson to develop your eyes, your creativity and MAKE REAL PHOTOGRAPHY !

Minimum level : beginner

à partir de 80 €
6h photo lesson
4 to 6 participants maximum
Photo courses
Half-day workshop
Theoretical approach to feel comfortable

Acquire the basics of photography, learn to master its body, free itself from the automatic mode to give free rein to its creativity, here are the objectives of this half-day photo workshop.

With the help of a projected presentation document and a large number of concrete examples, you will learn throughout the assignment to understand the main principles of photography while developing your technique. The framing, the composition, choosing the right objective ... enough elements to be original while remaining in automatic mode.

Depending on the participants and the speed of learning, some themes can be added.

Minimum level : Beginner

à partir de 40 €
3h photo lesson
4 to 6 participants maximum