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Follow me and let me guide you around the world.
We'll find some amazing animals, we will immerse ourselves in breathtaking landscapes, all in a friendly atmosphere to make your trip an unforgettable memory. Take advantage of my experience to improve your technique and bring back wonderful images.
For a travel comfort and a very nice organization, I work with "Photographes du Monde" (, travel agency of my friend Vincent Frances, based in Paris and specialized in photographic trips.

Photo Trips
In the heart of Wild Africa
Member of "Photographes du Monde" agency, french specialist of photo trips, I take you discover Botswana.

A short detour through the Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe and then a descent to the Okavango delta, wild encounters, extraordinary landscapes ... in short, a whole program !

Follo me on a quality journey to the heart of Southern Africa.
From the top of Victoria Falls, where the journey begins, the water plunges to an extraordinary country, with its incredible nature.
Mosaic of species and landscapes of forests, of meadows, of lagoons, here the drawings of Life have the effervescence of Eden. Elephants by the thousands in the Chobe national Park, mokoro spinning in the endless maze Moremi game reserve, adundant fawns in the gigantic plain of Savuti, your photographic safari area nestles int he "green" of this Jewel of Southern Africa.

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Photo Trips
Gem of austral Africa
Member of "Photographes du Monde" agency, french specialist of photo trips, I take you discover Namibia.

A land of contrasts, Namibia invites you to explore the extraordinary landscapes that compose it and meet the emblematic species that live there.

In the heart of wonderful natural landscapes, discover one of the most beautiful territories in southern Africa : Namibia.
Here, everything calls you to live an unforgettable photo trip : abundant fauna in freedom populating the large spaces, red sand trail lost in yellowish grasses, amazing deserts on the infinite horizon, immense dunes throwing themselves into the raging Atlantic : everything calls you to realize the images of your dreams, the journey of a life.

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Photo Trips
Costa Rica,
Pearl of the tropics
Member of "Photographes du Monde" agency, french specialist of photo trips, I take you discover Costa Rica.

With 5% of the world’s biodiversity and more than 35 national parks, Costa Rica, a true Central American lung, is calling you ...

Discover Costa Rica through a complete photo trip, connecting the two coasts and combining all the country’s must-see: national parks, nature reserves, emblematic animals, warm and welcoming people, the course offers you a total immersion in this country which concentrates the greatest biodiversity of the planet.

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Photo Trips
The majestic Africa
Member of "Photographes du Monde" agency, french specialist of photo trips, I take you discover Tanzania.

Discover this majestic Africa where you will still live unique and unforgettable experiences : wildcats attracted by the great migration of hundreds of thousands
herbivores in the Serengeti, breathtaking landscapes of the Ngorongoro crater ... Here your images exceed your imagination, in the heart of the mythical parks of Tanzania.

Tarangire, Norongoro, Serengeti, mythical names that you discover through their wildlife, rich and varied. Our journey will take us to the heart of wildlife to meet the animals that bathed my childhood memories and that I have so much pleasure in finding each time. To immerse yourself in the great national parks of Tanzania and live in the rhythm of light, this will be our mission ! The ultimate photo safari, Lion, Elephants, Leopards, Wildbeest ... the diversity, light and incredible scenes of Africa.

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Photo Trips
French Guyana
In the heart of tropical nature
Member of "Photographes du Monde" agency, french specialist of photo trips, I take you discover French Guyana.

Exuberant nature and shimmering colours, it takes no less to understand how French Guyana seduced the hearts of French explorers centuries ago.

A true land of adventure, it conquers the most passionate travellers thanks to its immense diversity both on land and in the air : monkeys, reptiles or multicolored birds invite you to discover its deepest secrets in the heart of an almost intact Amazon forest, still protected from human influence. In love with animal photography, let yourself be seduced by the wealth of Guyanese species buried in the mysterious confines of its lands.

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Photo Trips
Lights, Atmosphere … and food !
Member of "Photographes du Monde" agency, french specialist of photo trips, I take you discover Aubrac region.

Great pastures, solitary burons, lakes, waterfalls, forests and golden bogs, here is the authentic Aubrac, a land of silence and mystery that fascinates all photo-travellers in love with nature and images.

Go for a weekend photo in «immersion» on the most wild and authentic plateau in Europe. Aubrac is also famous for its cultural heritage, with its unique churches and its gastronomic heritage, with the famous Aligot !

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